How to become a HLP

Pharmacies wishing to become a HLP will need to meet the criteria described by Public Health England (available here). It is important to read these carefully to identify what you need to do, and then put a plan in place to meet the criteria.

To simplify this process, we have broken down becoming a HLP into 4 steps. Click on the relevant article title below for more information on each step:

  • Step 1 - Check pharmacy meets the Key Requirements
  • Step 2 - Complete HLP Action Plan
  • Step 3 - Compile your pharmacy's Portfolio of Evidence
  • Step 4 - Complete the Assessment of Compliance

Step 2. HLP Action Plan

To become a Healthy Living Pharmacy you must create an action plan that shows that you have considered all of the criteria required and worked out how you are going…

Step 3. Portfolio of Evidence

Healthy Living Pharmacies may be asked to provide their Portfolio of Evidence at any time by inspectors from the General Pharmaceutical Council, NHS England, Public Health England or the Royal…

Step 4. Assessment of Compliance

Your Assessment of Compliance must be submitted to the quality assurance body, the Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH) after which you may use the Healthy Living Pharmacy Quality Mark.…

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