Dementia Friends

Dementia Friends

Dementia is a condition which can cause significant distress to a person with dementia as well as their families. Unfortunately it is also something associated with a lot of stigma and ignorance and misinformation about the condition is common. Dementia has also now overtaken heart disease as the biggest killer in the UK.

The Alzheimer's Society decided to educate the public about dementia through an initiative known as Dementia Friends. By completing a short, interactive training session anybody can become a Dementia Friend by learning five key facts about dementia and making a commitment to undertake one action raise awareness of the condition.

Staff working in pharmacies are encouraged to become Dementia Friends in order to improve the service they provide to the people with dementia they will encounter on a daily basis. Having 80% of the pharmacy workforce trained will also attract a quality payment from April 2017.

It is sometimes possible to arrange Dementia Friends training alongside other courses required for HLP such as Leadership and Health Champion. General information is avalable at the Dementia Friends website ( Those wishing to take their training further may also wish to consider the Level 2 RSPH Award in Understanding Dementia (

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